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Useful Links-Resources

www.disabled.gr The aim of Disability NOW (disabled.gr) is to produce and distribute all available disability related information, in respect of fundamental rights to independence and social participation.

www.autonomiaexpo.org/. Autonomia Expo constitutes the largest exhibition of products and services as well as seminars and cultural events centered on disability, health, rehabilitation, education, technology and independent living in Greece, also attracting participation from European providers.

www.accessibletourism.org/ ENAT - the European Network for Accessible Tourism.

www.esaea.gr/ the Greek National Federation for people with disabilities.

www.nosokomia.gr/ information on almost all Hospitals & Emaergency phones in Athens and Thessaloniki.

www.sailability.org/ An organisation facilitating sailing for everyone, regardless of age or ability.

http://www.accessiblenz.com/ Accessible New Zealand Ltd is a company that has been developed out of a desire to bring New Zealand to a younger traveller who appreciates the ideas of keeping it real and living it up

www.toursnz.com New Zealand's leading tour company meeting the needs of mature travellers and those with special needs.

http://askus.unitedspinal.org/index.php The support center of the United Spinal Association.