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You would. Is it moral to do this? Ku says, "To my mind, if I had a damaged but good dial and swapped it out for a watch in the correct serial-number range, then you'd have a much better watch." Because 90% of the value lies in the dial."

Most people are happy with a watch that has the correct dial in relation to its serial number.

How can you be sure that your dial is authentic?

Take the dial off your watch to ensure that it is a Singer dial and that the details, printing and stepped minute track all match.

According to Philipp Stahl, founder of Rolex Passion Report: "There are subtle clues, such as the tail of the quarter-hour marker on the continuous-seconds dial being slightly off center relative to the other markers. But these subtle codes are not known by the average watch collector or even the neophyte.Replica Watches For more information on these codes, click here and here.

Posting a macro photo of the watch you intend to buy on Vintage Rolex Forum is a good way -- not for authentication, but definitely for spotting any irregularities. The forum's members are extremely vigilant in detecting fake watches.

The best advice would be to buy your watch from an established source. This could include Ku's 10 Past Ten or Andrew Shears Sheartime or Ben Clymers watch shop, Hodinkee or Matthew Bain's, Mondani or Rolex Passion Report. Aurel Bacs overseeing any Phillips auction is a sure thing. I would post an image and the name of the seller of any watch to VRF as a secondary confirmation before buying. If there was a way to get the watch checked by Rolex prior to purchase, that would be ideal.

IWC Portofino Replica Daytona ref. The 6263 RCO dial was auctioned at Phillips Watches Star-Stop-Reset Sale for CHF 1,985,000.

Seeing Red

This is one of Southeast Asia's most famous cautionary stories. The head of one Singapore's oldest family-owned retail stores told me this story. He had helped his best client acquire a Philippe Dufour Grande et Petite Sonnerie. The first wristwatch that can play time by passing, either by striking the hour on the hour and the minutes on the minutes in the grande-sonnerie or the quarters only on the quarters when in the petite-sonnerie. Dufour's watch is probably the last high-complication timepiece made today in an artisanal manner,Patek Philippe Replica without using computerized programs or a large number of CNC-machined components. Dufour sawed out and finished each component by hand in his tiny house in Le Sentier. He would occasionally light his pipe while he worked. Dufour is the real thing in a world that would have you believe that a white-bearded, benevolent artisan who looks like Father Christmas hand-crafts each component from scratch.