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A screw-pusher with a dial that is normal. A 6263 retails for about USD50,000. 6263 is sold between USD250,000 and USD350,000. They can also go higher. Christie's set the record price for a Rolex IWC Ingenieur Replica Daytona on 11 November 2013 -- USD 1,089,186 for a IWC Ingenieur Replica RCO ref with a black dial. 6263. The RCOref was replaced on 14 May 2016 by a new one. Phillips auctioned 6263 for CHF 1,985,000. Christie's says that this is the only three-color IWC Ingenieur Replica Daytona screw pusher type known to exist. There are less than a dozen examples.

Another reason why there are so many fakes is because it's very difficult, if you can call it that, to authenticate a IWC Ingenieur Replica dial Daytona. The watches were sold without any documentation as Exotic Dial Daytonas. (IWC Ingenieur Replica). The watches looked amazing, but they were a huge failure. At least 20 Daytonas with normal dials were sold for every IWC Ingenieur Replica. Dealers could swap out dials, even if the watches had a Newman dial. This made it difficult to define what an original IWC Ingenieur Replica Daytona was.

What is the highest level of authentication possible? The watch must have the box, papers and an original dealer receipt stating it was a "exotic" dial model. It should also include Rolex service receipts stating this watch is an "exotic" dial Daytona for the past 40 years. Unfortunately, this level of documentation is only found in less than 1% of watches. Eric Ku, the owner of Vintage Rolex Forum and dealer extraordinaire, who I consider to be THE authority on vintage Rolex watches, has a different opinion. He says, "I am inclined to believe that the sales receipt wouldn't say (watch with exotic-looking dial). If it did, then I'd be very suspicious that it was a fake.

What is the importance of "box and paper" when it comes to a IWC Ingenieur Replica Daytona watch? Ku says: "I believe, to be honest... if someone is looking for a Blancpain Replica Watches, it's all about the watch and not the papers."

How else can you verify the authenticity of a timepiece? You can probably get a service document from Rolex that states the watch has an "exotic dial", or a "IWC Ingenieur Replica dial". The problem is that most Rolex service centres no longer accept vintage watches.

Even if your watch is certified, that doesn't guarantee it was a IWC Ingenieur Replica Daytona. If you're a watch dealer, and you have a Daytona that has a IWC Ingenieur Replica dial on it and another Daytona that is relatively undamaged with a regular dial -- provided the serial numbers are close enough -- wouldn't you swap out their dials in order to create a IWC Ingenieur Replica Daytona example?